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Energy Efficiency Innovators

Smartcool™ Products


Smartcool ECO³™

  • Integrates seamlessly into most single and dual stage air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Digital display to show savings being achieved
  • Continuously dynamically analysing and improving compressor cycling
  • Measureable energy and cost savings
  • a quick payback on investment (typically 2 -3 years)
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Smartcool ESM™

  • Operates directly with the existing controls in series with most HVAC/R systems including local, BMS and PLC controls
  • Each system is a tailored solution to your requirements from simple Package unit and refrigeration systems to the most complex chiller systems
  • Verifiable reduction of operating costs and energy consumption.
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How Smartcool Reduces Your Bill

Smartcool boasts 2 of the world's leading HVAC/R energy efficiency products.

After a system assessment the most effective module is selected for installation between the primary HVAC/R controller and the compressor to achieve savings.

Without going in too deep with technical specifications here's how either unit can reduce your energy consumption by an average of 12% to 15% and cooling related costs in general.

Smartcool Dynamic Compressor optimisation

BY continually monitoring the existing control operation of the system The Smartcool technology learns how the systems cycle relative to the load, with this learning knowledge and functionality, the Smartcool systems can operate the compressors in the most efficient way possible relative to the load on the system.

So rather than your compressor’s cycles being an ON/OFF or stepped load reaction to a pre-set temperature range, with the Smartcool system installed, we leave the existing control functionality completely intact so we still work within the same present temperature range relative to the same set point. We simply operate your compressor cycles in a more intelligent manor, providing you the most amounts of energy savings possible without adversely affecting your conditions being achieved.

We provide you a new level of intelligent predictive and learning control rather than a pre-set reactive control. We Analyse, improve and optimize your HVAC&R systems.


Cycle Optimisation

Specifically for air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems it dynamically adjusts the length of the compressor cycle so the compressor operates in the most efficient way possible.


Load Modulation

Most effective for chiller systems the loads are automatically modulated for varying periods of time during the chiller cycle. Smartcool either interfaces directly to the chiller or via the BMS.


Continuous Dynamic Analysing

Rather than relying on traditional out dated pre-programmed static values to turn compressors on and off or adjust capacity both ECO³™ and ESM™ models dynamically modulate compressor use for efficient operation.

ArrowUpgrade Not Replace

Instead of replacing sophisticated Building Management Systems (BMS) and state-of-the-art refrigeration controls we can directly interface with your conventional controls.

LighteningRun Time Reduction

The implementation of all the above measures will lead to overall runtimes reductions without causing over cycling, affecting capacity, temperature requirements or manufacturer warranties.

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